Babo Weighted Blanket
Babo Weighted Blanket
Babo Weighted Blanket
Babo Weighted Blanket
Babo Weighted Blanket
Babo Weighted Blanket
Babo Weighted Blanket
Babo Weighted Blanket
Babo Weighted Blanket
Babo Weighted Blanket
Babo Weighted Blanket
Babo Weighted Blanket

Babo Weighted Blanket

World’s first dual weather weighted blanket

The Babo Blanket’s unique weighted design stimulates pressure receptors in your body that encourage melatonin to naturally increase and produce serotonin. This promotes deep, revitalizing sleep with a surge of energy by morning.

The world’s 1st dual weather blanket is TWO blankets in ONE. The Babo Weighted Blanket has two sides: a cooling side made of woven bamboo which keeps you cool during the summer months and a dotted minky side that keeps you warm and cozy during winter time.

•  2 sides: A cool, bamboo-infused side in summer and a warm, mink-designed side in winter
•  Money-back guarantee
•  Free Shipping, & Free Returns
•  Machine wash as needed
•  60x80 inches
•  Used as a throw over your bed: fits twin, full, queen + king
•  Made from bamboo, cotton, and polyester
•  Machine wash as needed

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    Try it for 30 days

    If you aren’t sleeping soundly after 30 days with the Babo Blanket, we’ll provide a full refund. That’s how much we believe in this blanket. It also includes - Free Shipping, Risk free 30-day trial and Hassle Free Returns.

    Free Shipping
    Try for 30-days (Risk Free)
    Free Returns

    BABO calming blanket is heaven on earth!

    Hello Zach,
    I received the BABO calming weighted blanket. I purchased this as a gift for my wife and she absolutely loves it! She hasnt had this great of sleep in years and now she is loving life! She used to stay awake tossing and turning or laying there without being able to get a good nights rest and even though she hasnt had the BABO blanket long I can definitely see a shift in her mood the next morning. Believe it or not I dreaded the mornings before she used this blanket as she was so sleep deprived her mood was always grumpy or abrasive due to the lack of sleep. I am so thankful for your product I feel like I have the woman I fell in love with all over again . I can see her mood has shifted in the right direction.

    Complete Comfort for a Sounder Sleep

    Worries and woes can keep us tossing and turning at night, and heavy blankets or thin sheets can disrupt our body temperature and keep us from drifting off. Rejuvenate while you snooze with the Babo Blanket’s perfectly fabricated design that’ll make counting sheep a thing of the past.

    As the World’s First Dual-Weather Weighted Blanket, Babo Blanket Brings Better Sleep Within Your Grasp

    Summer Side

    Comfort-infusing, woven bamboo for a cool and refreshing sleep.

    Winter Side

    Luxurious dotted mink for a deep, warm and baby-like sleep.

    Dual-Weather, Weighted Design

    The Babo Blanket’s dual-weather design is equipped to keep you warm on those chilly nights, and cool on those summer nights. Complete with a 15 pound weighted design, you’ll stop tossing, feel soothed and secure, and fall asleep faster. The Babo blanket gives you the sleep you’ve been dreaming about.

    Key Features

    • ● Dual-weather design that provides cool, bamboo-infused sleep in the summer, and warm, mink-designed sleep in the winter
    • ● Even distribution of 10% of body weight, communicating with the body’s deep pressure receptors to encourage sleep
    • ● Versatile - Get comfy with Babo Blanket on the couch, in bed, or even in your office chair
    • ● Suitable for all bed sizes
    • ● Created with 100% hypoallergenic, non-toxic, delicate cotton

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