Where can I find scientific proof about the BABO Blanket’s benefits? 

The BABO Blanket was designed by paying careful attention to the science backing Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation. You can find some of the scientific research at the links below:

How much does shipping cost?

We ship everywhere in the continental US. We offer free UPS Ground Shipping (4-7 business days) on all orders. We also offer expedited shipping (2 days) for $49 within the continental US.

Does the BABO Blanket get too hot?

What makes our BABO Blanket truly unique and innovative is that it is the world’s first dual weather blanket! During the summer months, you may find yourself uncomfortable, tossing and turning in the unbearable night’s heat. The last thing you want is a thick blanket to make it worse! That’s why we have invented the perfect solution!  The dotted minky side offers a warm hug on those cold winter nights, and the other cooling side is made of woven bamboo to provide you with a cooling sensation for optimal comfort.

What are the Dimensions of the BABO Blanket?

60’’ x 80’’ (152 x 203 cm) and weighs 15 pounds (6.8 kg).

Is the BABO Blanket Washable?

Yes, both the inner layer and the outer shell are machine washable!

Will there be multiple color options?

We are considering multiple color options, but for now we only comes in the super popular grey color.

Where is your product made and what do you do to ensure ethically sound production methods?

Our products are designed in the US, and sourced abroad. We work with trusted manufacturing partners who abide by strict labor laws.

I get overheated with conventional blankets. How does this product work with heat distribution?

We designed the warm cover to be removable, this way during the warmer months you can stay cool.

Is there a warranty? 

We are here to ensure your BABO Blanket arrives and stays in the best condition. If your BABO Blanket is defective or damaged without having been mistreated or subjected to irregular wear, don’t hesitate to call or email us at 800-340-0958 Mon-Fri 9:30am-8pm EST or